Zedak's product line supports companies whose business is to provide fee-based money management services. To accomplish this we automate manager selection, due diligence, profile production, manager search, and client presentations. Financial advisors and research professionals are more productive because we relieve them of rote, and error-prone, work. Senior management is confident that all legal and compliance standards are consistently met; not only do we automate all of the business processes designed to safeguard due diligence, but our data audit function gives a comfortable and comprehensive review of every system change and sales task performed.

Our clients range from large to mid-size financial services firms that offer money management services in the Brokerage, Banking, Insurance, and Mutual Fund industries. Flexible deployment options satisfy the demands of each unique IT environment.

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Zedak Prime: A browser-based search, research, and client presentation tool designed to enhance the productivity of financial advisors. Prime automates the delivery of manager data; graphically demonstrates its appropriateness for clients and prospects; and publishes polished, branded, custom proposals that match your firm's high standards for quality and compliance.

Zedak Backstage: A master process-control platform provided as a Web Service. The system supports fee-based money management tasks for your entire enterprise including research, due diligence, data collection and audit, and the production and publication of research reports, manager profiles, and marketing documents.

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"It's nice to work with a vendor who knows and understands what we do and what we need. Zedak looks beyond where we are to the bigger picture, and tries to project what we'll want next year."

—Koren Kratchman,
Vice President, Advisor Research,
and Engagement Manager

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