Zedak Prime

Zedak Prime is a browser-based search, research and client presentation tool designed to enhance the productivity of financial advisors. Prime automates the delivery of manager data; graphically demonstrates its appropriateness for clients and prospects; and publishes polished, branded, custom proposals that match your firm's high standards for quality and compliance.

Prime works with your company's existing systems and with Zedak's proprietary line of software products, to accelerate asset gathering for fee-based money management.

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Increased broker productivity means more time for client relationships
Create board-quality presentations in ten minutes without the typical software learning curve.

Increased client confidence with improved quality and compliance
Prime automates the proposal process, eliminating the risk of mistakes or omissions when advisors key or cut and paste information. Automated presentations and process feeds meet all your company's internal legal and compliance requirements.

Flexible deployment options
Prime is ordinarily hosted by Zedak and secured in a data center that ensures performance 24/7. Your firm has nothing to install. This reduces your staff requirements and provides single point accountability for system support, installation, roll-out, and scalability.

If preferred, Prime can be run on dedicated hardware behind your company's firewall. When technical resources are available on-site, a software-only solution can be custom configured.

Engaging start page

Quick-start tools help advisors access the information they need quickly and easily.
  • Locate investments with popular searches, fast-click, or browsing. Prime builds search queries based on your step-by-step choices.
  • Graph investment performance against benchmarks. Illustrate performance comparisons for multiple investments.
  • Display published reports, profiles, and performance analytics.
  • Produce presentations as PDF, Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint.
  • Take system tours exploring Prime's research and presentation tools.

Google-like searches
An alternative to step-by-step investment selection, Prime's Google-like search bar allows you to locate investments by typing keywords as simple as "large cap". Prime responds by narrowing the investment display, where you can collect preferred investments while applying alternate keywords.

Active preview
Prime lets you view your entire presentation instantly, in HTML format. Try out your branded, board-quality presentation in minutes. View all exhibits and graphs. Revise your presentation on the spot if necessary.

Enterprise-wide integration
With automatic authentication across applications, Prime users instantly access your central investment database, client information, and archived reports. An interactive community lets you share comments and questions, or learn and get help, without losing your place in Prime.

Instant investment view
A spreadsheet display gives an immediate broad view of investment choices, which you can quickly narrow for your client with additional keywords or performance filters.

Speedy search and selection
Prime finds desirable investments fast by looking for your search terms across managers, programs, styles, asset classes, and other text fields all at once. Collect investments on screen while you apply additional keywords. Narrow the display with performance filters on any statistical column. Collect "clipped" favorites. "Tag" groups for easy retrieval.

Easy custom display
Sort investments by any column. Add new statistical columns. Set performance limits at any column.

Easy manager research
To display investment detail and access research reports or profiles, simply click the investment name. Without closing the investment display, a bubble overlay presents a snapshot of manager information.

Easy blends
Save and allocate investments in a blend without quitting the investments display. Balance the blend with guidance from Prime. Prime calculates blend performance and adds it to your investment display.

Easy presentations
With investments selected, modify client name and contact information as needed, then preview the entire presentation right in your browser. Add or change investments or exhibits, revising as needed before publishing a polished client version in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF format.

Easy integration
Access Zedak Backstage, client information, and your centralized database from Prime's tabbed interface.

A simple software experience that yields profound results.

The job of locating appropriate investments and deciding how to present them can be complicated. With thousands of investments to consider and many hundreds of details about each, how does an advisor proceed?

When she selects "Investments," Prime allows a user to narrow the possibilities in a simple step-by-step process. Or, she can browse popular investment sets. By presenting targeted choices screen by screen, Prime discloses only the relevant steps, simplifying an otherwise complex process.

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