Zedak's prime directive is to help financial services companies sell more asset management services by freeing human labor and creativity for asset gathering. We automate manager search, client presentation, and due diligence processes. The companies who use our products profit from increased productivity and satisfaction, while maintaining superior legal and compliance standards.

To accomplish our mandate we listen carefully to our clients' needs, track new technologies and business trends, and build systems that address client requirements and help them capitalize on trends. Clients tell us that it is rare for a company to understand both their technology requirements, and their business objectives, as well as we do.

Zedak systems help our clients manage sales support, manager profiles, and due diligence and compliance processes. We work closely with them to continuously improve systems and processes. By repeatedly evaluating automated processes we seek to further eliminate difficult tasks, streamline business processes, and improve productivity.

Decades of collaboration with the industry's most advanced thinkers have resulted in our recognition as leaders in understanding the strategic, organizational, and process issues confronting asset-gathering firms. We have funneled that experience into the design of a standardized application now available as a hosted application. For clients desiring assistance with organizational transformation, we can provide strategic consulting.

"Our objective is success at every level—successful implementation, successful users, and strong successful relationships between our clients and the investors they serve."

—Jeff Moore, President, Zedak Corp.

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