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PPCA uses rigorous mathematical analysis to provide objective performance measurement, styles, attribution, and peer comparisons. Zedak Prime and Backstage users may access Surz Styles, Comprehensive and non-overlapping Indices, "Virtual Universes" that compare a manager's actual performance to the possible outcomes determined by the manager's style, and holdings-based attribution analyses.

Fiduciary Advisor
Fiduciary Advisor researches and publishes information to support and extend best practices in investment consulting/fiduciary counsel. Zedak Prime and Backstage support the Steve Winks "Audited Prudent Process" and keep up with changing legal and regulatory requirements as well as with emerging best practices.

Smartleaf implements portfolios that follow trading models with full consideration of current positions, investment policy and tax consequences. This technology reduces costs for SMA, overlay, and Rep as PM implementations, provides an audit trail of trade rationale, and enforces investment policy in advance of trading. Zedak and Smartleaf are working together to produce Live Investment Policy, a compelling client document from Prime that is automatically enforced in Smartleaf.

Blue Iceberg
Blue Iceberg helps companies present themselves to the world online and in print. Zedak has chosen Blue Iceberg to manage its online presence and to oversee design for Prime output documents. Prime output matches your corporate branding, logos, and colors to produce compelling client proposals.

"What we seek in our partners is strategic knowledge and excellence."

—Jeff Moore, CEO, Zedak Corp

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