Zedak Backstage

Zedak Backstage is a master process-control platform provided as a Web Service. The system supports fee-based money management tasks for your entire enterprise including research, due diligence, data collection and audit, and the production and publication of research reports, manager profiles, and marketing documents.

The system allows full control over research and publishing through a centralized data source, comprehensive product surveys, full-featured audits, due-diligence process workflow, and investment data feeds.

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Data centralization minimizes risk and prevents time- and cost-overruns
Backstage provides a central source for manager, fund, index, and universe data. Your applications and automated processes become windows to the centrally-located, key information that drives your business.

With a consistent, trusted source to feed data across the entire organization, you can quickly implement enterprise-wide policy changes, prevent data redundancy, and eliminate errors that arise from the unintentional use of out-of-date, incomplete data. Backstage scrupulously manages centralized data, with strict adherence to your organization's legal parameters, and allows your information to drive processes and applications across the organization.

By performing data profiling for your organization, Zedak identifies and repairs data defects, pinpoints processes that use the same data, and develops standardized data structures with the proper relationships and identifying characteristics to tie data together and allow its re-use.

Workflow controls input, approval, and publishing
While automation saves labor, Backstage Workflow gives you control and visibility. Backstage increases both security and productivity by defining a set of tasks, assigning tasks to appropriate workers, and limiting access by worker role.

With Backstage, the entire process of accepting data and using it to publish research documents is automated. The workflow function lets you initiate contact with investment managers for product input, recognize when the input has begun or finished, accept or reject the input, and publish profiles when approval is granted. The process uses notifications, flags, and status updates; triggering routing and other actions when a product's status changes.

With workflow tools to view the current status of manager data throughout a series of tasks, individuals inside and outside the organization can quickly answer: What have I already done? What remains to be done? What am I waiting for? Likewise, management can quickly view progress and pinpoint potential bottlenecks.

Audit function increases quality and cost control
Backstage Tracker, a comprehensive data audit function, lets administrators track quality and productivity by monitoring all information updates and publication activity. Tracker provides a searchable record, preserves before-and-after record images, and documents date and time, the procedure and task accomplished, and the worker's username.

Multi-purposing content allows single-source publishing
When you need to produce manager profiles, research reports, and marketing documents for a variety of distribution channels, each with its own unique presentation requirements, Backstage re-uses content from your company's trusted, central data source. And when each of your distribution channels requires a different set of disclosures, unique document layout, and color scheme, Backstage regenerates output from a single source, producing the right document from the right data, in the layout needed.

Backstage customizes formatting and content without human intervention. The system extracts the correct data, such as new performance from a data feed, or an updated manager bio which has undergone review and validation. Then it automates production of custom output and delivers completed documents to your distribution channels, to a physical printing facility, and/or to Zedak Prime to make them available to your financial advisors, distribution partners, or clients.

Reliably combine systems and processes across the enterprise

Backstage supports machine-to-machine calls for data, graphs, and calculators. Automating the exchange of information over the Internet, the Web Service responds to a system's request for services by feeding the required elements for local processing.

A Web Service lets you reliably combine systems and processes across the enterprise, and add new ones when necessary. Data can be fed to any computer, from laptop to mainframe, inside and outside your company's physical location.

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