Zedak Approach

Zedak uses a seven-step iterative approach to initiate, define and execute client projects.

The Insight Engine
We work with you to explore your goals, strategies, and environment to gain the insight needed to design a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

The Experience Picture
We document the end-state of the project, describing the key experiences that define success.

The Success Commitment
We mutually commit to deliverables, schedules, costs, and responsibilities.

The Constant Improver
Throughout the project we have regular review of progress and validation of the Experience Picture.

The Quality Prover
We regularly test your application for functionality, useability, and performance under load and report our findings to you.

The Value Activator
We provide user training and work closely with your people to ensure that you meet your goals.

The Capability Expander
After your system is live, we stay involved, monitoring usage, interacting with your user community, and identifying opportunities for added value.

"Zedak explains complex issues and asks probing questions to help resolve them."

—David Bach, CEO, Position Management Associates

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